About Us

Purpose is the reason of our journey. Passion is the fire that lights our way.


Santosh Badiger

Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night

Santosh likes to travel around, capturing time with its beauty. Since childhood, he always had an urge to capture moments in a way we could cherish for eternity. Voila, one day, he was enlightened that camera is a magical instrument, which can freeze moments into Forever Memories. There, his journey began!

Capturing other elements of nature- flora and fauna, gives him immense pleasure and makes him realize that how we, human beings, form a minuscule part of God’s canvas painting. Initially, shooting animals and birds was an adventurous thingy, which has now turned into curiosity which makes him drift into nature.

Apart from animals, he loves capturing moments, emotions and feelings around him with an understanding that memories play a big role in everyone’s life. Love is in the details, which lets you relive your special day over and over again! And that’s how he works.



Niranjan Chelludarai

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams

“About me!! ahhh…I think probably the toughest question in the world to describe is, about yourself… Well, I’m an IT engineer (hahahaha..yeah yeah I did the same mistake :D). Now, here I am, like other engineers, holding an optical device to prove myself as a photographer. To be honest, the camera is helping me to shutter my thoughts (long exposure), the aperture priority is allowing me to concentrate (Depth of field) on them and switching myself to manual mode with AF-L on, doesn’t let me to focus on something else. So, it’s not me who is holding the device, it’s the device who is holding me to express my thoughts, through the captured light (photograph)”.

I like capturing landscape which shows the vast and unending spaces within the world. The blend of colours at dawn or dusk (golden hours) is one of the best moments to capture.

And, we believe that you will enjoy their hushed works as much as they reminisce the time spent capturing them.